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If youíve got that unique ability to stay calm under pressure, think around an issue and keep smiling all the time - being a flight attendant is the career for you!

Flight attendants play a very important role in air travel, working to help passengers feel comfortable and stay safe. With layovers in hundreds of cities around the world, they have the opportunity to experience sights, smells, and tastes that most of us canít imagine.


Even thought flight attendants work long hours and don't make loads of money, they do, however, have some pretty fantastic perks such as discounted airline tickets for themselves and their relatives.  A typical entry-level salary is US $18,000 per year. 

When you get hired as a flight attendant, you will go through a few months of training.  As a junior flight attendant, you will be under close scrutiny by a senior flight attendant.  Also as a junior, you will receive lower pay and fewer benefits while you learn the ropes. After about a year of doing a satisfactory job, junior flight attendants get promoted to senior status, which gives them greater control over their hours.


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