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Frequently Asked Questions

  I want to be a flight attendant.  Where do I start?

Getting started is as simple as meeting the basic requirements like minimum age, height, vision, citizenship and customer service experience.

After that, all you must do is select the airlines you are interested in working for and apply.  Check our Airline Directory for direct links to each airline's hiring page. Many airlines accept applications and resumes online, while others will require that you attend an open interview session in a scheduled location.

Once you have interviewed and been selected, you will be trained by the airline in a specialized training program that is not available to anyone but selected applicants and cannot be obtained anywhere but the airline you are hired with. Once you successfully complete your airline's training program, you will graduate and begin your career as a Flight Attendant.

  Will I have to relocate?

Newly hired flight attendants will be assigned to a base after graduating from training. You will be expected to report for duty from that base, but may live wherever you choose as long as you can commute . Many flight attendants commute to their base city. 

  What are the requirement to be a flight attendant?

Each airline is slightly different but the common requirements are those for vision, height, weight, background check and medical exam.  For details on this, please see Requirements.


  I am over 50.  Am I too old to be hired as a flight attendant?

You are never too old to begin a flight attendant career.  Airlines welcome all applicants and the vast and varied life experience they are able to bring to the job.

    Am I too young to apply for a flight attendant job?

All airlines have a minimum age requirement, usually between the ages of 18 and 21 years old. The requirement depends on the airline. Once you meet the age requirement along with the other basic requirements, you can simply begin applying. Airlines seek applicants of all ages in order to ensure a diversified work force. 

  Is it necessary to be speak another language to be hired as a flight attendant?  

No, airlines give each applicant the same consideration; however some of the major airlines do need to seek applicants that speak a second or third language due to the nationalities of their passengers.   If you know a second language, even if you are not fluent in it, you should still mention it on your resume.  It might put you ahead of another applicant.


  Is my work experience good enough to get a flight attendant job?

Airlines welcome all types of previous work experience; however they prefer to hire someone who has a background in customer service.  Simply put, they want someone who enjoys favorable interactions with passengers, offers exceptional safety and service and who has a positive and outgoing personality.


  What is the schedule of a flight attendant like?

Normally flight attendants work about 13-15 days a month. You will normally work a three day sequence, immediately followed by three or more days off. Many flight attendants their time off by having second businesses such as selling a line of cosmetics.

Most airlines have a monthly guarantee which ranges between 65-85 flight hours. The Flight attendant is paid the guarantee whether or not he or she actually works those hours.

  Are flight attendants ever allowed to work overtime?

Yes, many flight attendants pick up extra flying in order to earn additional income.

  Does the airline pay for the hotel accommodations on layovers?

Yes, the airline pays for a hotel room for each crewmember as well as arranging paid transportation to and from the hotel.

  What kind of salary do flight attendants make?

Flight attendant income varies from airline to airline. The pay ranges from about US$14 to $40 per flight hour or more.   Most new hire flight attendants will earn between US$16,000 to 23,000 and may eventually earn up to US$75,000 per year.   Actual pay per hour is dependent upon years of service and any special qualifications that the flight attendant may have. Flight attendants also receive a special per diem for each hour spent away from home. This per diem is in place to cover meals and other expenses. With each year of service comes an increase in salary.

In the United States, Southwest Airlines is rumoured to pay the highest of the big airlines. Read more here...

Air Canada flight attendants that have less than four years experience will receive annual compensation of approximately CAD$31,000 - $33,400 excluding health and pension benefits.



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